Dr. Vikram Sharma, Mumbai

At first, i would like to thank you very much for the trip you had organised. We had a wonderful time with some memorable moments.


Thankyou once again for all the hardwork done; no words can express the same.


Mr. & Mrs. Dilip Menda, Mumbai

Shankar and the team at Bon Voyage has helped us with planning of three trips -- Me and wife's honeymoon to Langkawi, my family trip to Dubai and our second honeymoon to Switzerland. Must say, all of these have been excellent holidays. It is really commendable the kind of knowledge they possess on each of these places and the detailed level of planning so that the guests have the most customized trip possible. What I really like about their planning is how well they understand what the customer needs from the vacation and accordingly plan out the activities and the schedule. So much so that I blindly go with Shankar's suggested itinerary and hotel stay options. And no reasons to complain at all :)


All the best to Team @ Bon Voyage for your future endeavors. We are really grateful to you for gifting us some our most memorable holidays!


Asian Society Against Dimentia (ASAD) Congress - Kumamoto, Japan

Thankyou Mr. Suhail (Bon Voyage Holidays) for making this trip a wonderful experience.



                                                                                                          - Dr. Anand Gajanan Diwan (Nashik, Maharashtra)


Asian Society Against Dimentia (ASAD) Congress - Kumamoto, Japan

Mr. Suhail, you have been a wonderful person . You took care of us so well. God Bless.


                                                                        Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram Salvadeeswaran

Asian Society Against Dimentia (ASAD) Congress - Kumamoto, Japan

Mr. Suhail thankyou for excellent organisation of the tour. You have good future & may God bless you.


                                                                 - Dr. Sivarama Krishna Chakka (Guntur, Andhra Pradesh)