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Bringing people together – quality matters, details count and experience is EVERYTHING. Bon Voyage makes it happen. Bon Voyage program managers are creative, budget conscience and focused on your objectives. They project manage the team and all suppliers on your meeting, saving you time. They are strategic and provide ideas for you to consider. Your meetings, your needs, they get it.

Bon Voyage Holidays Corporate

Bon Voyage Holidays Corporate

Inspiring performance, celebrating success and growing your bottom line. Bon Voyage makes it happen. An incentive must support specific business goals or it is meaningless. Bon Voyage has vast knowledge in program design. Communication strategy is critical to the success of the program. This includes before, during and after the program. Bon Voyage recognizes the immediate impact and lasting impression that extraordinary incentive programs create for a company. Now is the time to focus on the experience – no detail is too large or too small when it comes to the flawless execution of your program and overall satisfaction of your winners, attendees and guests.


Bon Voyage Holidays Corporate

Growing attendance, increasing awareness and generating revenue. Bon Voyage makes it happen. Bon Voyage buyers are procurement driven with an average of 13 years of experience. They utilize best practices in everything they do – technology, process, and negotiating the best terms and conditions for our customers. They have vast knowledge of hotels and convention centres around the world.

Bon Voyage Holidays Corporate


Bon Voyage Holidays Corporate

We serve as an extension of your staff, board or committee. The Bon Voyage tradeshow team begins with a consultative approach pinpointing collaborative solutions for implementation to achieve the best possible tradeshow experience.



Bonvoyage Events

Gala Nights – Be it the 70’s Bollywood theme, a Hawaiian beach party or an awards night, Bon Voyage will ensure you live up to the wok hard party harder mantra. When you look up to that special night, expect fireworks. You decide the theme and we ensure you have a blast.

Product Launches – A launch day is arguably the most exciting day of most people’s career as they wait to see their hardwork and dedication translate into a success story. Let Bon Voyage be part of this success story too.

Entertainment – If you thought watching the juke box would have been a better idea after a boring event, trust your next one to be fultu entertainment, entertainment and only entertainment with Bon Voyage. Whether it’s a night full of entertainment or fillers in the middle of your awards function, we ensure the stage is set for a night to remember.



Bonvoyage Travel

Planning & Execution – Business travel is a key driver for growth, expansion and globalisation. However, its effectiveness is dependent on traveller’s receiving the support they need to be productive and safe during their trips, and on traveller’s having access to information and tools to quickly adapt to ever-evolving internal and external dynamics. That’s why Bon Voyage organizes itself around Traveller’s needs with a variety of products and services tailored to the specific needs.

Team Building – Be it indoor or outdoor, Team Building can really be turned into an exciting and fun activity. Bon Voyage can customise your team building activities as per the strength, age group and complexity of the group. The activities are carefully designed, tried and tested to ensure it’s success.

Joining Family – Bleasure Tours (Business cum Pleasure) as they are now known as can be a tough nut to crack with truck loads of misleading flight options with weird connections. Be it a transfer from your trade-fair grounds or arranging that perfect holiday to combine with your business trip. Bon Voyage understands that your family comes first. Bon Voyage ensures your Bleasure Trip works like clock-work.

VFR – Visiting Friends & Relatives pre or post your business travel is a great way to catch up with old friends or that distant cousin whom you have a special bonding with. There’s every reason to look forward to such a trip when you have your friendly neighbourhood travel agent to fix it for you.



Bonvoyage Planning

Conceptualising – Our team of creative individuals are always looking for a chance to innovate and better their previous idea. We help you set a theme for your event based on your business needs, be it team building, Bollywood nights or an award function. Whatever the theme be, we always have a great idea for a fabulous event.

Cost Analysis – Bon Voyage understands your requirements and your budgets and work backwards to ensure we put up a great show within your budget without any compromises.

Venue Selection – Bon Voyage assists you in selecting the right destination to motivate and inspire your participants. Our Buyers have deep destination, hotel and cruise knowledge and world class contract review process.

Recce – Once your venue selection is done, your Bon Voyage Account Manager will accompany you to the site and help you fine-tune every aspect of your event and stay to ensure the success of the event.

Group Escorting & MOS – Each client is given a single point-of-contact to act as the Bon Voyage liaison identifying process needs and execution for registration, room block, speakers, food functions, side events, audio visual, technology, accounting and on-site staff requirements. Incase of back-to-back groups, we also have our MOS – Man On Spot to ensure your well-being right from safe landing to departure.



Bonvoyage Logistics

Airline Travel – Bon Voyage group air specialists ensure they book the best price with the most convenient travel options from across all hubs within the country to ensure your delegates Pan India arrive in tandem. Our logistics team meticulously plans your itinerary with the right flight options, reserves your seats and have the ability to ticket them 24x7 and 365 days a year.

Visas – Managing large group visas can really be taxing with the amount of rules within the fine prints that can overlap a condition and spoil your entire application process. Bon Voyage Visa specialists are trained in finding a needle from the flour - a la Sherlock Holmes. Like they say in travel, a visa in time saves nine.

Car Rental – You don’t have to be an adventurist to drive internationally. Self Drive can really be relaxing at the same time exciting. There is no better way to appreciate the country side than on a self drive journey where you have the liberty to stop at every waterfall, every photo spot, every shade for a picnic lunch or just keep breezing on the tarmac.

Transfers – Bon Voyage understands the difference between an executive arriving by a chauffeur driven car or a super rich by a private charter. From stretch limo to helicopter & seaplane transfers, we can make you arrive in style.

Sightseeing / Excursions – Enjoy the sights and excursions on our carefully chosen guided tours in state-of-the art luxury vehicles. Choose from the wide options on local sightseeings or day excursions, museums, monuments, parks, etc. Our expert and certified tour guides are well trained to co-ordinate within a group as smooth as silk.

Event / Show tickets – Whether it’s a Corporate outing for a FIFA match or a more personalised visit to the theatre district in SOHO, London, advance bookings can be stress-free through Bon Voyage.

Travel Insurance – Travel Safe and pick a Travel Insurance plan for you and your family with Bon Voyage Holidays.

Foreign Exchange – Get your Foreign Exchange in Cash, Traveller’s Cheque or Travel Card through Bon Voyage for a Hassle free travel and save money by avoiding multiple exchanges while on holiday. We recommend the Travel Card as it is the safest form of money and works just like a Debit Card.

Ancillary Services – Sometimes the smallest of things can pinch and prove to be very painful. What when you realise that the photo you sent for your visa application is not as per specification and you need to reprint it or an affidavit / notary that is essential to your application but you are short on time. Obviously, it’s time that matters and not money. Bon Voyage is here to help.



Bonvoyage Collaterals

Branding – The idea of branding can run into infinite creative concepts. Some of the examples are stage setup, flex banners for speaker’s podium, welcome desk, hostesses, welcome banner at entrance gate, standees at the lobby and inside the venue, etc. If you need something more exotic ask the experts.

Personalised Accessories – More often than not, the most popularly adopted Corporate claim of “People First” remains in the Corporate HR manuals and on websites. Why not take the opportunity to create that sense of belonging within the organisation and gain employees loyalty by including them in your branding. You can go for branded table top name tags, branded baggage tags and room tags with a special Corporate message or an event theme, etc. Let Bon Voyage suggest some wild but creative ideas.

On-Site Services – Our MOS will take care of your on-site needs like Conference CD’s, files, worksheet printing, etc.

Awards – For most Corporate Executives, it’s the night to remember. Corporate Award Nights are no less than a Bollywood Awards Nite where stars of the night hold on to their most prized possession, their trophies close to their heart. Bon Voyage specialised in customised trophies, plaques, certificates, souvenirs with branding, etc.



Bonvoyage Post Tour

Feedback – Not only does Bon Voyage consider each and every client’s feedback as important but also uses them as analytics to improve our own services but also asks it’s overseas suppliers/partners to improve their services. We believe there is no such thing as 100% satisfaction as there is always a scope for improvement and this is what separates the best from the rest.

MIS Reports – Bon Voyage’s billing is extremely transparent and thorough. We have a team dedicated to invoice quality control and final review. We provide all backup, budget vs. actual comparisons, savings reports, and track every data point in order to provide cross-event reporting on spend and savings

CRM – Most automated Customer Relationship Management systems are either under-utilised or not implemented in practicality. Bon Voyage believes in personalised touch and hence relies on it’s professionals who does not miss out on such special gestures, be it your Frequent Flyer number or your preferential meal request as we have it all at the back of our hands.